“Thank you so much for helping to beautify 1331 McGee. The sellers and I were so pleased with the way it turned out, and how positively the market responded. We closed escrow yesterday, and my client could not be happier.

Quick question: I love the address numbers you installed. Do you mind sharing where you got those with me? I’d like to get them for my own house.”

Realtor – Grace Bishop — 1331 McGee. Ave. Berkeley


“Grace doesn’t want to talk about the actual offer number yet, but the sellers are VERY happy, and it will close on Oct 14 (all cash offer!). Of course, this huge win is due to your amazing work!”

Realtor – Kim Markinson — 1331 McGee Ave. Berkeley


“Thanks to everyone’s efforts this property sold for more than we thought it would, so – good for everyone involved!”

Homeowner – Tim Hoyer — 555 Coventry Rd. Kensington


“The house looks wonderful. Thank you so much for all your help, advice and inspiration. No matter the ultimate sales price, the buyer is getting a lovely, much improved place in which to live!”

Homeowner – Mac & Mary Jordan — 220 Willamette Ave. Kensington


“So today was our broker tour, and the home got a ton of rave reviews from the agents who attended! Your work is superb.”

Realtor – Kim Markinson — 1331 McGee Ave. Berkeley


“Thank you so much for working with us and delivering a beautiful designed house. Your look stands out over all competitors. With much appreciation. Thank you.”

Homeowner – Joellen & Charlie Lopez — 6028 Dimm Way Richmond


“When Nancy Taussig was planning the preparation of 899 Hillside with her client, I went to see the house and she and I talked over our thoughts on preparation steps. I have been away and went this afternoon to see the finished product. It is really spectacular- because the house is striking, but it shows off so well because of your perfect staging. I don’t think I have ever seen staging so well matched to a house. It could not show any better. I just had to write and tell you how much I enjoyed and appreciated your work on this project.”

Realtor – Kathie Longinotti — 899 Hillside Ave. Albany


“I met Marc at 581 Santa Rosa this morning and I saw for myself what magic you created at my uncle’s house. You do beautiful work and I will recommend NurtureSource Designs whenever the need arises. You have a gift and I am so glad that you and Marc have this partnership because I certainly benefited from your service. Thank you!”

Homeowner – Cherie Ross — 581 Santa Rosa Ave. Berkeley


“Now that our house at 432 Hudson Street has sold, I want to thank you for the incredible work you did to bring our home to market. Your team’s professionalism, vision and experience gave us the confidence to invest in your proposed improvements and, ultimately “sold” the house. Thank you again for the terrific job.”

Homeowner – Jean Durall — 432 Hudson St. Oakland


“This card and check reflect the happiness I feel to be working with you to transform my house (again)! Thanks! Happy New Years!”

Homeowner – Julie Whitten — 1419 Walnut St. Berkeley


“I just wanted to call again and tell you thank you so much for the fabulous staging! The house is just… gorgeous! Every time I try to do a walk through to see if anything needs to be cleaned, I just get so distracted by the beauty of the house, so thank you for that!”

Homeowner – Jeanmarie Hulaj — 478 Michigan Ave. Berkeley


“Gini posted the photos last night (www.59fairlawn.com), and the house looks absolutely amazing. I’m *beyond* delighted. Thank you for your vision. My grandfather and my mother would both be thrilled!”

Homeowner – Heather Johnson — 59 Fairlawn Dr. Berkeley


“This card and check reflect the happiness I feel to be working with you to transform my house (again). Thanks!!

Homeowner – Julie Whitten — 432 Hudson St. Oakland


“It is a brilliant change! There is light and invitation everywhere, all of it in a very simple, clean and softly colorful way. Many thanks to you (Gary) and Jenn for both the visioning and the precision execution. It is now an environment and experience far beyond what I thought possible.”

Homeowner – William Derrenbacher — 560 Coventry Rd. Kensington


“I just saw the staging of our house today, it looks amazing. So light and clean, thank you for making our house look great!”

Homeowner – Ivy Jacobsen — 4224 Maybelle Ave. Oakland


“Looks good, will send you a check this evening. And you guys did an incredible job on the house!!!!!!! Thanks so much for all your help with it. I sent the NutureSource photos to family and friends and they all agree – it’s beautiful!”

Homeowner – Elizabeth Cozza — 2409 6th St. Berkeley


“Dear the Team at NurtureSource: Thank you! The broker’s open and first open house was greatly enhanced by your work. I love seeing the house updated in such a fine way. It’s a delight! Thank you!”

Homeowner – Joan Keyes — 5445 Sacramento Ave. Richmond


“Thank you very much for the wonderful job you did staging our home. We are most grateful.”

Homeowner – Hugh McLean— 827 Indian Rock Ave. Berkeley


“Thank you, thank you. Everyone loved the way you fixed up the house and cottage! And Elizabeth and her relatives also loved it. I sent her a short video of the goats.”

Agent – Linda Lipscomb – 2409 6th St. Berkeley


“With any luck we should be closed by mid-month. Thank you so much for delaying payment. It takes a village and you are certainly wonderful members of my community and I appreciate it beyond any words that I can say.”

Agent – Barbara Hendrickson – 2619 Parker St. Berkeley


“You truly did an amazing job on it. The furniture has made the unique house absolutely pop. I particularly am stunned at the transformation of both the kitchen and back deck. It has been a long process but I always have had faith in Carla and the professionals—like you and your team—that she has hired. I think Ron would have been pleased. Take care and thank you again.”

Homeowner – Bob Baylus – 255 Trinity Ave. Kensington


“This is to thank you. You obviously hit just the right note to sell our house. No man could ask more. And your consideration in respecting my wish to leave the door green was truly admirable. Thank you so much.”

Homeowner – Peter Neumeyer – 45 Marguerita Rd. Kensington


“Thank you all for the work on my Dad’s house. You ALL did a beautiful job. The house is a home again and is alive again. I wish my Dad could see it- maybe he can. I shared the pictures you took of the house with friends and family and they all love it.”

Homeowner – Cherie Ninnis – 811 Pomona St. El Cerrito


“We want to thank you and your team for giving our house just the right “aesthetics” it needed to make for a great sale. All the best.”

Homeowner – Michele Tompkins & Peter Simack – 328 Glendale Ave. Oakland